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Day 1: Saturday 3rd February - 3-5 pm
Day 2: Sunday 4th February - 3-5 pm

We run the LTA Tennis Leaders course annually.

This LTA-approved course is designed to teach juniors aged 13+ how to support a coach with the day-to-day running of tennis activities and sessions. 


The qualification develops and acknowledges a young person's leadership skills which can help them when applying for higher education or first-time jobs.


They can also start paid work at LTA venues supporting tournaments,

tennis camps and group coaching sessions

How the course is run...

The course follows the LTA directed format, and then is tailored to the attendees & venue

Day 1:  Module one: Introduction to tennis - 3-5 pm

  • Learn the basics of tennis and understand how variations of the game are used to introduce all ages and abilities to the sport. 

  • Learn communication and organisational skills and some key on court drills.

Day 2:  Module two - 3-5 pm

Helping at a competition - learn how to score for a Mini Tennis match, how to organise a round-robin match and how to support a competition organiser or referee.

Final stage: 6 hours volunteering

The final part of the course is to complete 6 hours of volunteering, after which participants will receive their Tennis Leaders t-shirt and certificate.

LTA Tennis Leaders Course = £75

Mahony Tennis | LTA Tennis Leaders Course
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